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Introducing your next speaker, Casey Nelson, who has a unique perspective on the insurance industry. With a background in education, Casey spent 8 years as a high school teacher and coach before moving into the insurance world. After running a successful independent insurance agency for 7 years, Casey discovered a passion for automating and integrating insurance software to increase efficiency and profitability.

As an avid attendee of insurance conferences, Casey loves nothing more than shaking hands and talking with industry professionals about how they are improving their agency’s efficiency, profitability, and staff culture. With a natural gift for presenting and an easy-to-talk-to demeanor, Casey has been described as quick on his feet and highly passionate about the insurance industry.

Topics & Booking

When an agency pays for leads those prospects should be added to the CRM/AMS and contacted immediately!  

Leads that sit in an email inbox are costing agencies money every second they go uncontacted. 

I can talk about the benefits and provide tutorials on inbound lead automation.

Weak (or nonexistent) new client onboarding processes cost agencies tens of thousands of dollars every year.

Learn the 4 secrets to increasing profitability with your new clients.

Is your agency made up of Professionals or Order-Takers?  Learn to create a culture where your clients view your agency as a team of Professionals and increase efficiency!

Some agency owners are hesitant to automate because they don’t want to replace their employees.  

Automation should give your employees more time to focus on REVENUE GENERATING activities and strengthening relationships with clients.

Teachers are sales people, most just don’t know it.

Teachers are selling all day long to students, administrators, and parents.  

Learn how to recruit teachers to your sales team quickly.

You need to know your hourly rate and track how much time you spend on tasks that could be done better and faster by someone that specializes in that area.

You pay your employees for their time and their work.  But are you paying them to do things that could be done automatically or by a program that would save you money?

If you wait to find strong candidates until you need them then you are already too late.  

Learn how to use your CRM to develop a pipeline of potential producers and build a pool of candidates that is primed to join your team. 

People forget, it happens.

Automation and technology don’t forget.  Learn how to leverage technology to perpetually recycle and remarket old leads, communicate with clients and generate more revenue.

“I’ll write blog content when I have some extra time.”

You’re not going to have extra time.  Instead, learn how to leverage AI to write blogs, campaigns and video content for you.

  1. Inbound Leads
  2. Service Requests
  3. Renewal Communications
  4. New Client Onboarding

I’ve been on the employee side and the owner side.  The lack of an opportunity to earn equity caused me to leave and it causes many great producers to leave too.

Learn about your options and how employees value the opportunity to earn equity.

Offering unlimited PTO isn’t as scary or difficult as you think.

In fact, it’s pretty easy and it’s a great benefit to your agency when hiring.  

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