Maximize The Tools you use with our

Business Automation

We create custom workflow automations with the software and data you're already using.

Paying for multiple tools and softwares but not truly maximizing them all? StakWise manages your automations and software stack, allowing your applications to talk to each other, maximizing value & ROI.

how stakwise works for you

We Help You Get More Out Of Your Tools

Getting the most out of your software and tools is a full time job. StakWise steps in as a Done-For-You automation assistant so you can get back to doing what you do best.

Built For Business

We know you want to get back to running your business. Its why we've built our support services specifically for people like you.

Automation Experts

We excel in getting your tools to better communicate with each other. When it comes to automations, we get it!

Increased ROI

Not effectively using expensive softwares that you know would help your business? We'll help you get the most out of them faster.

"I've worked with Casey Nelson, founder of StakWise, for over a year. He has a depth of knowledge in automation, tech stack management, and Zapier integration that exceeds everyone else I know in the industry. It is an art how he can create peace from the chaos of automation and tech stack integrations. "
Options For any size business

Simple Pricing

We don’t believe in the “bait and switch” so what you see is what you get with no contract or long-term commitment.


StakWise is perfect for insurance agencies that need help managing their technology and increasing their capacity for new business.

Hiring a full-time technology manager (most likely without insurance experience) starts at around $60,000/year.  

StakWise will do more for your agency and costs 90% less.

It really can be this easy.  Simply click buy now, complete your agency information form and schedule your onboarding call.  


We Can Help You With Smaller Projects Too!

Inbound lead opportunities need to be contacted as fast as possible and StakWise can accelerate your process in no time.

StakWise can set up your scheduling software to flow seamlessly within your business processes so clients and prospects can set appointments.

Most businesses use less than 25% of their CRM.  StakWise will audit your CRM usage and help you use more of what you already have.

Built with brains

Insights from Your Real-Time Data

Always know how much time and effort automation is saving you with real-time automation reports.


We build customized reporting so you know how automation is helping your team be more efficient and effective.

Asset Management

Our team of experts will help you get the most out of the tools you already have AND build new workflows with our own programs.


We will handle everything so you can set it and forget it. No instruction manual or tutorials necessary.

Your Out-of-Pocket Cost Without StakWise:

Frequently Asked Questions


After you sign up you will receive a questionnaire.  After you complete the questionnaire you will schedule a call with your StakWise architect to discuss the details of your workflow needs.  The architect will build your workflows and send them for approval.  After you approve the workflows they will be turned on and you will be working more efficiently in no time!

1) You sign up on our website

2) You get welcome email with questionnaire

3) When you complete questionnaire we schedule call to discuss automation needs

4) You provide access to current applications via Last Pass

5) We build your custom automations, deeplinks, QR codes and reports

6) You review and approve then your automations are live!

Typical setup will take 2-4 days once we have all the necessary information from you.  Total setup time will vary based on the number of workflows being built and the number of accounts that need to be added.  


A workflow is a repeatable sequence of processes (task, email, data, etc.) that can be automated.  

An example would be every time someone submits a quote request on your website they will receive an email, ringless voicemail, and that person’s information is automatically saved to both your AMS and CRM.  That one workflow saves your team 20 minutes, contacts the prospect immediately, and schedules future communication…  instantly.

The ringless voicemail system makes two outbound calls to the same phone number.  The first call disconnects when the second call goes to voicemail.  Ringless voicemails can be left from almost any phone number you currently use.

No there is no contract for StakWise service.  There is a non-refundable setup fee and a recurring monthly charge.  You can cancel service at any time.  If you cancel your StakWise service your next monthly payment will not be charged and all workflows, automation and communications will be disconnected.

You can always email our support team at and we will respond as quick as possible.  You can also schedule zoom calls or chat via messenger.

Yes we provide video training on all necessary workflows.  Additional in person training and zoom systems training can be purchased as well.

If you’re not using any automation yet we can help guide you toward which programs might best help you accomplish your business goals.  Any programs you are currently using have automation potential and we will help you make it work!

Absolutely!  We consult on all types of business opportunities.  Helping businesses succeed is what gets our motors running.

If you are looking for help overcoming a specific challenge schedule a call and let’s talk about it.  Our team has a wide range of experience and consulting expertise.

All businesses can improve with the use of effective automation.  We have worked with insurance agencies, pool builders, roofers, artisan soap makers and many more.  

You can always schedule a call and we will give you an honest evaluation and upfront pricing.

Not at all.  Workflows can be built for producers, account managers, CSRs, principals and management.

Yes totally!  We want to help you tackle the challenge of growing into a digital business.  Your setup would be a little more work and we are ready to help!